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In this knowledge-based era, innovation and technology are powerful drivers for the long-term growth of a community. It is a necessary for a company to invest a portion of its human & financial resources in innovation & technology to ensure that the business will be sustainable in the longer term. There are 3 areas Inspiraz has been focusing on

a. Electronic/Semiconductor Technology is one of the key drivers for our global economy as any form of electronics components candefinitely be found in any electronics devices, including home appliances, audio or video system, computers & mobile devices. The technology has been around for many years & is still moving ahead rapidly with new areas of applications being developed almost every other day. This area of technology includes industry in the sector of semiconductor, HDD, PCBA, etc..

b. Nanotechnology is an expected future manufacturing technology that will make most products lighter, stronger, cleaner, less expensive and more precise. It is so small that it cannot be seen by the human eye or even the use of microscope. We are committed to provide a conducive environment to innovation and technology, in order to improve the efficiency and productivity, add value and enhance the competitiveness of the people and our community.

c. Machine Vision - In collaboration with our German partners with their proven capabilities in machine vision applications and technolgies, VizCam's model was developed and enhanced to offer a revolutionary new approach to machine vision inspection enhanced with minimal learning that will open up new frontiers in machine vision development. 

Inspiraz Technology’s founder, Ivan Tan has been in the electronics/semiconductor industry for the last 24 years, and has been in business for the last 17 years. The company has been involved in various developments in thermal management & device testing mechanism with 2 patents filed.

At the same time, Inspiraz is also one of the pioneer companies in Singapore to move into the nanotechnology business and has set up with the vision to provide high quality, value-added technology-based solutions to meet the needs of the customers. A wide range of products are created with surface protection properties, and can work on almost all surfaces, including plastics, concrete, ceramics, granite, roofing, wood, metal, glass, rubber, etc.